Time Travellers – More Info


This participatory program is conducted by one teacher and two actors in-role, on board the Cat O’ Nine Tails and at various sites on the shores of the Brisbane River, using drama conventions and theatre-in-education techniques to stimulate interrogation of the ideas and concepts that have shaped the River and its environs. The programme uses role, drama and the river itself, to bring the past in relation to the present.


Year 4 – 7 SOCE

Student Numbers:

Minimum 2 classes.


This is a full day participatory program designed to accomodate two classes. The day begins and ends at Customs House; 10 am to 2pm.


Time Travellers POA

Learning Experiences Students participate in:

  • Investigative problem solving
  • listening to stories of the past
  • interpreting physical and documentary evidence to learn about the past
  • considering changes in the world and the impact of these changes
  • considering changes in technology and the impact of these changes
  • making inferences
  • communicating ideas and experiences with others


Teachers will be given suggested follow up material